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Uni Study Guides depends on contributions from its users. If Uni Study Guides helped you in any way, please help us by uploading some of your own notes in order to help our cause. You can do this either by uploading a set of notes, or by actually editing the pages of the site (in order to do so, you will need to log in, and probably read the guide to editing below).

Please do not upload anything which is fake, offensive or unrelated. Likewise, do not submit copyrighted material or material which you are not the owner of.

Uni Study Guides Contribution Rules

  • Please make sure all contributions are related to UNSW - we only display material which is a part of the prescribed reading for that respective subject at UNSW.
  • Uni Study Guides has a strict No Spam policy. If any user is caught spamming or adding links to non-relevant websites, the USER will have their editing priveledges revoked.
  • Don't write anything which includes, but not limited to, obscene or indecent language, sexually suggestive innuendoes or content that can be deemed offensive.

Guide to Editing

To edit the page, follow the instructions below (you must be signed in):

  • Click the EDIT page tab (top right, next to the 'search' box).
  • Add your content to the rich-text editor.
  • You can use the icons on the top to add formatting to your content. Eg: Headings, Bold, Italics, Bullets, Images etc.

Editing Rules

In general try to write clearly and concisely and make sure you are always aiming to do something which improves the wiki contents. An edit might be to contribute whole paragraphs or pages full of information, or it could be as simple as fixing a typo or spelling mistake.

Edit Summary

Before you save a change, you can enter a short note in the "Summary:" box describing your changes. Don't worry too much about this, or spend too much time thinking about it, but try to give a little description of what you just changed e.g. "fixed typo" or "added more information about a Law".

The summary gets stored alongside your edit, and allows admins to track changes in the wiki more effectively and also speed up the approval process.


It is always a good idea to use the "Show preview" button to see what your change will look like, before you save it. This isn't something to worry about too much, but it's good to get into the habit of eliminating mistakes in your own work, by using a preview before saving, rather than saving several minor corrections afterwards.

Show changes

Another option is the "Show changes" button which allows you to see the differences between the current version and your edited version.

Save Page

Click to save all the changes you have made.

Uni Study Guides has an approval system in place. Your changes might not be seen immediately.

Formatting on the wiki page

You can format your text using Mediawiki markup. This consists of normal characters like asterisks, single quotes or equation marks which have a special function in the wiki, sometimes depending on their position. For example, to format a word in italic, you include it in two pairs of single quotes like ''this''.

Here is a list of Mediawiki markup to help you format your content easily:
Description You type You get
Applies anywhere
Italicise text


Bold text


Bold and italic

'''''bold & italic'''''

bold & italic

Internal link

(within your own wiki)

[[Name of page]]
[[Name of page|display text]]

Name of page

display text

Redirect to another page

#REDIRECT [[Target page]]

Target page
External link

(Link to other websites)

[ display text]

display text

Sign your posts on talk pages


Your username 07:35,
22 June 2021 (UTC)

Applies only at the beginning of the line

A Table of Contents will automatically be generated when four headings are added to an article.

== Level 1 ==

=== Level 2 ===

==== Level 3 ====

===== Level 4 =====

====== Level 5 ======

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4
Level 5
Bulleted list

* One

* Two

** Two point one

* Three

  • One
  • Two
    • Two point one
  • Three
Numbered list

# One

# Two

## Two point one

# Three

  1. One
  2. Two
    1. Two point one
  3. Three
Horizontal rule
Text above
Text below
Text above

Text below

Creating Tables
{| class="wikitable"
! Header text !! Header text !! Header text
| Example || Example || Example
| Example || Example || Example
| Example || Example || Example
Header text Header text Header text
Example Example Example
Example Example Example
Example Example Example
Adding Images

(right aligned)


(left aligned)


(center aligned)


You can add captions with thumbnails


(right aligned)


(left aligned)


Adding Citations to a wiki Page

Citation to sources are required throughout this wiki as most articles are based on courses and textbooks of the UNSW.

To add citations just add this code at the end of the sentence where a reference is needed:

<ref>Uni Study Guides</ref>
(This will show just a text citation in the references)
<ref>[ Uni Study Guides Link]</ref>
(This will show the text and also create a link to the citation page in the references)

Eg: Martin Luther stated that to be truly free, you need to think you are free.[1][2]

These citations will appear at the bottom of the article in a References section.


  1. Uni Study Guides
  2. Uni Study Guides Link

If the there is no References section, add the following code to display the citations.

== References ==
<references />

Additional Tutorials



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